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Nylon cooler backpack

Nylon/Aluminum Hybrid Cooler Backpack: Style, Durability and Refrigerated Functionality

Introducing the Nylon/Aluminum Hybrid Cooler Backpack, an exceptional piece that combines avant-garde style, durability and the practicality of a cooler in a unique design. Aluminum is not only a decorative element, but a functional lining that guarantees the preservation of your food and drinks, offering freshness anytime, anywhere.

Featured Features:

  • Unique Hybrid Design: The fusion of durable nylon and an aluminum interior lining creates a durable and functional backpack. The aluminum acts as a cooling lining, keeping your food and drinks cool during your daily activities or travel.
  • Aluminum Preservation Liner: Aluminum not only adds durability but also serves as a thermal liner, providing a fresh environment for your food, guaranteeing its preservation for longer.
  • Practical Details: The backpack features practical details, including special compartments and quality closures, ensuring functionality and comfort with each use.
  • Perfect Measurements: With dimensions of 32 cm wide x 42 cm high, this backpack offers a versatile size that adapts to your daily needs, while providing you with the ability to carry refrigerated items with you.

Recommended Uses:

  • Outdoor Adventures: Ideal for outdoor activities, the Cooler Backpack ensures that your food and drinks stay fresh and ready to enjoy, whether hiking, picnics or days at the beach.
  • Avant-garde Urban Style: Perfect for those looking to stand out in urban environments with an accessory that not only reflects modernity and elegance, but also offers a practical solution to keep your products refrigerated.
  • Travel and Picnics: The Hybrid Cooler Backpack is your perfect companion for trips and picnics, ensuring that you always have your favorite snacks on hand, keeping them fresh during your travels.

With the Nylon/Aluminum Hybrid Cooler Backpack, take your style and your fresh food wherever you go. A perfect fusion of fashion and function that enhances every experience.


32 x 42


100, 250, 500, 1000

Marking Color

Customized, White, Black, Gold, Silver, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green

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