Lot of bags Number 1

Composed by:
500 bags of the size 24x32cms.
+ 250 bags of the size 32x40cms.
+ 200 bags of the size 42x49cms.

  • Templates included, engraved or screen.
  • Marking included on both sides of the bag.
  • Transport included (even to the Canary Islands, consult)
  • Sketch or sample included before printing.
  • Very fast delivery time of 5 to 7 days included.
  • 24H Urgent Service (with additional cost)

Lot of bags in various sizes, kraft paper 110grs. Ecological paper. Printing with water-based inks, 100% recyclable.

Lot of Bags Number 1: Personalization and Efficiency in a Single Package

We present Lot of Bags Number 1, a comprehensive solution for your personalized packaging needs. This lot offers a significant number of bags in three different sizes, combining practicality, customization and efficiency in a single package.

Lot Content:

  • 500 24×32 cm Bags: Perfect for medium-sized items, these bags offer versatility and spaciousness for your daily needs.
  • 250 32×40 cm Bags: Ideal for larger items, these bags guarantee a spacious and comfortable solution for a variety of products.
  • 200 42×49 cm Bags: Designed for larger items, these bags offer a spacious and robust option to meet your packaging needs.

Featured Features of the Lot:

  1. Clichés Included: The lot includes clichés for engraving or screen, allowing you to personalize each bag with your exclusive design.
  2. Marking on Both Sides: Enjoy maximum visibility with the marking included on both sides of each bag. Ensures your message or logo stands out in any situation.
  3. Transport Included: The lot offers the convenience of transportation included, even to destinations such as the Canary Islands (check the conditions).
  4. Sketch or Sample: Before printing, a sketch or sample is provided for your approval, ensuring the accuracy and quality of the final design.
  5. Fast Delivery Time: With a delivery time of 5 to 7 days, this lot is ideal for those looking for an efficient and fast solution.
  6. 24H Urgent Service: For more urgent needs, an urgent service is offered at an additional cost, ensuring delivery in just 24 hours.

Ideal for:

  • Companies looking for a complete and efficient solution for personalized packaging.
  • Events, fairs or promotions that require fast delivery and unique customization.
  • Businesses that value quality, customization and efficiency in their packaging strategy.

With Lot of Bags Number 1, take your customization to the next level and enjoy the convenience of a comprehensive and efficient service.

At your disposal Certificate of Ecological, Recyclable and Biodegradable bags.

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