Que es Tejido Sin Tejer tst

What is non-woven fabric?

You have seen that we have among our products "nonwoven bags" or nonwoven material used. But, have you wondered what this material is?

In reality, it is a fabric that we have in our hands every day with common items, such as cleaning pads in the kitchen.

Nonwoven fabric (TST) is a sheet of porous and flexible fibers, without a weft. They are usually made with a large percentage of recycled fabric and some can be recycled after use. It is for this reason that our company works with this type of materials for the manufacture of bags, thereby respecting the environment.

Furthermore, this technique is usually very common in the manufacture of health products, such as gauze, gowns, diapers... This is because it is a fabric that works as a great barrier against bacteria.

In short, we consider that this fabric only brings benefits in addition to allowing us to offer personalized bags with your logo at a very affordable price. By the way, you can see them here.

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