Papel Kraft

What is Kraft?

In the environment of screen printing-cartonage-stationery-printing... the word "KRAFT" is used a lot. But do the rest of us humans know what Kraft means? Well no, it's not a mayonnaise...

In this case we refer to Kraft paper:

En realidad es un proceso, el proceso Kraft, y su nombre deriva del alemán y significa Fuerza.

This process is used in the production of pulp or cellulose paste from wood. It was developed by the Swedish Carl
Dahl in 1884 and is currently used for 80% of the paper produced worldwide.

It is widely used for wrapping and packaging because it is resistant to tearing, traction, bursting, etc. and can be natural ecru or bleached. You can see it in our kraft bags section.

There are more and more uses that are given to this paper, while before it was limited to packaging, transport or the like, now it is common in decoration or crafts. For example, for gift wrapping or wedding invitation designs, with a more vintage or rustic air.

In addition, it is usually a very cheap paper.

Come on, it's all benefits!!!

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